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11 - 12 June 2018
Stockholm, Sweden
Watify MME on Business Development of Photonics Companies for Healthcare

Watify, an awareness-raising campaign funded by the European Commission to stimulate the technological transformation of Europe‚Äôs industry, is organizing a matchmaking event on photonics in healthcare in Stockholm. This event is organised in cooperation with PhotonicSweden, Photonics21 and EPRISE, within a framework of the European Photonic Roadshow Series.


This event (free of charge) will gather representatives from photonics companies, med-tech companies, end-users and researchers interested in commercialisation and a number of experts, to discuss and network around issues related to the business development of photonics companies addressing the global healthcare market.

Researchers will learn that starting a company developing photonics technology for healthcare is in fact not necessarily an insurmountable obstacle.
Integrators will meet early stage photonics SMEs willing to team up with a facilitating partner.
SMEs will add tip-offs to their toolbox via expert support.
End-users will find improved high-tech solutions based on photonics technology.

This event will not only discuss what types of financing are required to cross the Valley of Death and where to find it, but also how to most efficiently use it for teaming up with the right partners, building the right team and e.g. coping with clinical tests.


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Stockholm, Sweden

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